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2017-08-04 03:16 am

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I've never gone to college. I didn't think I ever would. But I just finished applying for federal aid. I know I did all the work involved in applying for the new position, offering to do it on contingency, and everything since. But the truth is I never would have done any of this if it weren't for one person. He's way too humble to admit it, but he changed my life so much. I'm afraid and excited for this journey.
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2012-09-08 06:18 pm

KarmaTube: Danny and Annie

Wow. This is super powerful. I just wanted to put it where I'd remember it. I'd soon forget if I filed it away in my favorites. And Facebook isn't the right place. So, here it is. Its only public in case someone is interested. These two know what love is. Its candid and sincere and made me teary.
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2010-06-16 01:02 pm

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Its amazing how you ask for advice and people PUSH their feelings on you like there isn't another option. How self-righteous. I'd stop asking for advice from those types of people, if I were you.
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2008-12-24 01:53 am

I can't believe....

its Christmas Eve, and Christmas is less than 24 hours away.

When you're young it takes forever to get here. When you get older, it zooms right past you.

I hope yours is Merry.